Wrong initial desktop

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Wrong initial desktop

Postby Lautsprecher » 09.02.2017 15:02:12

Of late my initial desktop is not the one I put as initial in the settings. I want desktop (1, original) to start with, but often dexpot goes to desktop 6, not to other desktops. Sometimes it opens programs that are assigned to desktop (1) at desktop 6, but not always. Maybe windows10 does this. Maybe it sees desktop 6 as windows desktop. I don't know. I changed the initial desktop to other desktops and back again, but that didn't help. I hope you here know what is the matter. Thanks, Hans van den Berg

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Re: Wrong initial Dexpot

Postby Sebastian » 09.02.2017 18:09:55


please provide a *.log file covering the issue.
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