Dexpot and Displayfusion

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Dexpot and Displayfusion

Postby guestTX on 04.07.2011 21:20:40

hey *

I just discovered dexpot's multi-desktop features and I love it. One thing that I've noticed however is a problem with another software that I'm using: Displayfusion.

I use displayfusion to put a second taskbar on my second monitor. Now, when I switch to my second virtual desktop in dexpot, the desktop on my second monitor also changes. Unfortunately, this removes the taskbar from my second monitor as well. Is there a workaround or fix for this available?

Again, great piece of software.


Re: Dexpot and Displayfusion

Postby Sebastian on 04.07.2011 22:07:04


open your (my)wechsel.ini and add the following line to the [Titel] section:

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DisplayFusion Taskbar=ignore

Since 3.4.0:

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Restart Dexpot.
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