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Dexpot 1.6: What's new

Postby Patrick » 01.09.2011 15:16:08


:arrow: Download Dexpot 1.6 Beta "Indefatigable Ivy"

  • DexControl - Virtual desktops simplified

  • Multi-monitor support
    Systems with multiple screens are now fully supported by Dexpot:

    • Preview features like the full-screen preview and the SevenDex plugin include all monitors.

    • The animations provided by the Dexcube and Dexgrid plugins are visible on all monitors.

    • Individual monitors can be excluded from desktop switching.


    • The desktop background can be customized for each monitor separately.


  • Application assignment
    Using the new application assignment feature, programs can be permanently bound to a particular desktop with just a few clicks.


  • Persistent taskbar

    The taskbar buttons of all windows on all desktops can be kept visible in the taskbar. This option is best suited for Windows 7 users who have pinned all their commonly used applications to the taskbar. When a taskbar button is clicked, Dexpot automatically switches to the desktop the corresponding window is on.


  • New desktop icon customization
    The new icon customization creates a separate folder in the file system for each desktop which stores only this one desktop's icons. It is more intuitive and less error-prone than the old approach.

  • Hot corners and mouse wheel switching
    Using the new MouseEvents plugin, Dexpot functions can be triggered by moving the mouse cursor into screen corners. Global mouse wheel shortcuts can be used for desktop switching.


  • Full-screen and Show-desktop detection
    When a full-screen application like a video player or a Powerpoint presentation becomes active, Dexpot automatically hides the Desktop Manager, the desktop name on-screen display, and similar components. If the Desktop Manager option "Always on top" is disabled, the manager will automatically be shown when "Show desktop" (Win+D) is triggered.

  • Improved desktop name on-screen display
    Cleaner, better readability and freely positionable: the improved desktop name on-screen display.


  • New hotkeys, title bar actions and rule actions
    New items include the window command hotkeys and the rule action "Roll up".

  • DexTab improvements
    Windows can be moved from one desktop to another by dragging them with the mouse in the DexTab task and desktop switchers. Thanks to multi-column display and scrolling, the task switcher can now also cope with extremely high numbers of open windows.

  • Loading profiles via shortcuts
    Profiles can be loaded by opening their .dxp files with Dexpot. This way you can create shortcuts to quickly load a particular profile.


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