MMC Messaging Window

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Re: MMC Messaging Window

Post by yoohooisbadforyoo » 18.11.2019 22:10:45

MMC Messaging window will pop up for me, but only when I have Computer Management open. With Computer Management open, as soon as I transition to another Desktop (I use hot corners) a very tiny MMC Messaging Window shows up in the upper left corner and can only be closed with Alt-F4, Task Manager, or Aero Window Preview.

Re: MMC Messaging Window

Post by Lenx » 11.01.2019 14:54:08

Have same on win 7

Activate this mesage vindow by clicking on it - than press Alt+F4 - voila - it disappear!)

Re: MMC Messaging Window

Post by Patrick » 02.04.2014 22:18:28

Please enable the Dexpot log file, reproduce the problem and then send me the log.

Re: MMC Messaging Window

Post by alex-eardley » 02.04.2014 20:23:59

Darn, not getting notifications for thread activity - thought I was all alone on this!

I'm running Dexpot (1.6.12, build 2416 at the moment, but issue has occurred on the previous versions I've used) as an Admin.

I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit. MMC version is 6.3.9600.16384.

It's not snap-in related as it happens regardless of what snap-ins are loaded...

Re: MMC Messaging Window

Post by Patrick » 26.11.2013 17:35:52

So... dou you run Dexpot as administrator? And why "just today"? Has anything else changed since the day before?

Re: MMC Messaging Window

Post by Guest » 22.11.2013 19:08:25

I just started seeing this today as well. Running Windows 7, and Dexpot

Re: MMC Messaging Window

Post by Patrick » 13.11.2013 22:08:56


I'm not seeing any such windows here with MMC on Windows 8.1. Do you run Dexpot as administrator?

MMC Messaging Window

Post by alex-eardley » 13.11.2013 21:24:05

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has noticed an "MMC Messaging Window" appear after switching desktops whilst running the Microsoft Management Console (mmc.exe)?

The "window" appears on all desktops and has no system, min, max or close controls.

Attempting to close MMC with the "MMC Messaging Window" present results in the "You must close all dialogue boxes before closing..." message.

Closing the messaging window from the task bar then closing MMC results in the "Waiting for all snap-ins to complete" message, which never completes, and clicking Cancel offers the "End Snap-ins" window. MMC will usually crash after this.

It does NOT happen if MMC has no snap-ins loaded, and it is definitely a Dexpot issue. There are no desktop rules or application assignments in effect.

Any clues anyone?