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by elliotm
28.05.2010 19:03:16
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Drag and drop, hover on Desktop Preview
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Drag and drop, hover on Desktop Preview

Being a former avid user of LiteStep's VDMs, I like how some allowed you to drag an object over the the Desktop Preview however over a certain window, causing the desktop to switch, then you could drop the object in the app you wanted. Alternatively, you could also drop the object directly onto the ...
by elliotm
28.05.2010 18:52:20
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Dexpot Preview and Fitt's Law
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Re: Dexpot Preview and Fitt's Law

Glad to see this implemented!
Could there be an option to get rid of the "peeking" border of the Preview window as well? So you can't tell it's there at all until you place your mouse cursor on the screen edge. I'm a big minimalist (oxymoronic?)
by elliotm
26.03.2010 04:06:50
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Hotkey - Mouse Buttons
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Re: Hotkey - Mouse Buttons

My mouse featuers a left/right rocking scroll wheel along with extra buttons. It would be nice to have this incorporated in the hotkey options, as well.

Like hold Win+mouse wheel rock right to next desktop, Win+mouse wheel rock left to previous desktop. Or Win+any mouse button for these actions.
by elliotm
26.03.2010 04:03:56
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Move window next/previous hotkey
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Re: REQUEST: Move window next/previous hotkey

I would enjoy this feature, as well.

I've moved to Win7 x64 from using WinXP 32 SP3 and Litestep shell for years.

Dexpot provides one of the most important features I used with Litestep.
A hotkey option for moving/copying windows to next/previous,etc desktops would be great.

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