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by BraFromZA
06.06.2016 17:10:19
Forum: Plugins
Topic: icons in task bar pager
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icons in task bar pager

Windows 10.
I am wondering how/if i can disable icons from showing up in the task bar pager.
I have the pager set to transparent and currently use just 2 desktops and use the pager to quickly move between them.
Just not liking the icons that show.

by BraFromZA
18.07.2013 20:14:04
Forum: Support
Topic: Keybar toolbar???
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Keybar toolbar???

Wiped my pc so now re-installing dexpot and wondering what this keybar toolbar is and will it affect me not installing it? Thanks...
by BraFromZA
24.11.2012 16:02:28
Forum: Plugins
Topic: [Beta] Gadgets Plugin
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Re: [Beta] Gadgets Plugin

OK I was having troubles setting this up but I figured it out, easier than I presumed it to be LOL, I can be slow sometimes rofl.

Thank for the awesome plugin :D
by BraFromZA
24.11.2012 15:48:05
Forum: Plugins
Topic: Taskbar Pager
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Re: Taskbar Pager

Was just looking this up so thank you Dexpot devs. :D
by BraFromZA
08.10.2011 20:09:53
Forum: Support
Topic: I can't put a check in the dexcube check box
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I can't put a check in the dexcube check box

Hello to the Dexpot support team. Since I last updated to the latest stable version of this awesome piece of freeware I cannot place a check mark in the Dexcube box. Any idea what the problem is that I may fix myself or will there be a public fix anytime soon? Windows 7 Home Premium Thanks for a won...

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