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by stevobe
26.08.2015 17:36:00
Forum: Support
Topic: Windows 10 bug with Microsoft apps
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Re: Windows 10 bug with Microsoft apps

Here the same problem that attachment file doesn work at all for me photo app and store or sometimes my calculator are vissbile in the full screen preview... please FIX this issue .... !!!!

using windows 10 pro 64bit

by stevobe
17.08.2015 11:37:21
Forum: Support
Topic: Question about Dexpot program
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Question about Dexpot program

Hi I using long time windows 8.1 and when i have alot of programs + windows open then sometimes mine pc is getting laggy a bit. if i press full preview of all mine desktops in this case 9 in totall... then sometimes it takes a while or i can see some delay while opening the preview.. In the option m...

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