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by Barborassa
20.09.2015 15:51:28
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: DexControl for the masses :D
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DexControl for the masses :D

I tried to use the drag&drop feature but I couldn't. Then I read some posts until I found that I have to enable DexControl for this operation and that I also have to enable the aero theme. Sadly I use windows 7 starter and there is NO aero theme that I can get working. If I enable it by any mean...
by Barborassa
20.09.2015 15:40:24
Forum: Dexpot Public Beta
Topic: how to drag a window to different desktop?
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Re: how to drag a window to different desktop?

Why is this option availible only with windows aero theme on? I'm using windows 7 starter and I can't have this theme. If I download any feature to activate this I am breaking my windows license.
by Barborassa
18.09.2015 13:22:38
Forum: Support
Topic: DexControl not working
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DexControl not working

When I try to move different open windows on other desktops it's not working. I just press on that window and it takes me to it's desktop. Is there any setting to do for this? Edit: I just found out that I need the aero theme to use this feature. But unfortunately I am on windows 7 starter and if I ...

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