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by equiplist
19.06.2016 22:48:20
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: 'desktop windows' ~ overview ... default?
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'desktop windows' ~ overview ... default?

I am a dedicated user of Dexpot. Nothing else compares. I just recently switched to Windows 10. 'Task View' looks like Sys internals Desktops on the updated Win10 graphical interface. No configuration options or settings whatsoever. Windows Sysinternals Desktops v2.0
by equiplist
29.01.2016 17:34:02
Forum: Support
Topic: different default browser in different desktops?
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Re: different default browser in different desktops?

Earlier, I searched for the ability to pin separate items on different desktops, and found it wasn't to be done, but pasting separate shortcuts on different desktops was an acceptable work-around. :dex: No, there is no simple way to do this. I knew that was the answer to this question, but I decided...
by equiplist
20.01.2016 13:49:35
Forum: Support
Topic: Non-crap ware version?
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Re: Non-crap ware version?

Recently I tried Sysinternals Dektops. I liked the concept, but the interface was old. It seems that it has not been updated since 2012. Inspired to search for something better, I found Dexpot. I installed it on my laptop. I wanted to also have it on my desktop, but wasn't sure if I should use the i...

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