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by champagne_charly
01.02.2009 13:17:42
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Switching desktops with mouse wheel
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Re: Switching desktops with mouse wheel

Great way around.. shame it couldnt be sorted in Dexpot directly.. for me it worked sometimes and others not even with the manager on.. Was wierd and frustrating and is such an important feature (at least to me).
by champagne_charly
01.02.2009 13:15:58
Forum: Support
Topic: Taskbar ghosts..
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Taskbar ghosts..

Hello again..

Using access.. it has possibility of sveral taskbar items.. when switching app from d top 1 to 2.... 2 out of the 3 taskbar items move but one remains in taskbar of desktop1..

Any ideas how to overcome this?
by champagne_charly
01.02.2009 11:50:59
Forum: Support
Topic: windows disapear.
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windows disapear.

When logingin in to mssql ... Pop up opens (d Top2)... i switch desktops (now on D top1) ..then go back to where the login popup/screen should be (D top2) its not.. Any clues?
by champagne_charly
01.02.2009 11:47:40
Forum: Support
Topic: roll up..
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roll up..

I'm tryuing to find the function key for roll up.. It would seem that its set as f11... (unless I've got a ghost from an old piece of soft).. My prob is f11 is needed in a) ie7 to view full screen and b) MS accesss to see the ---what ever you call it.. my prob is the roll up function is taking over ...
by champagne_charly
01.02.2009 11:44:06
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Multimonitor & Multidesktops?
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Re: Request: Multimonitor & Multidesktops?

Yes this program - despite all its various bugs- seriously kicks butt.
For thoese of you who are using monitors of the same side... what I have done is combine this soft with Gridmove.. and span monitors.. Works great!!

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