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by Lenx
29.07.2019 16:44:29
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Topic: Not hiding tray icons
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Not hiding tray icons

Not hiding tray icons of windows, opened on another desktop. opened windows ewen if hiden in tray visible on all descs in tray
by Lenx
11.01.2019 14:54:08
Forum: Support
Topic: MMC Messaging Window
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Re: MMC Messaging Window

Have same on win 7

Activate this mesage vindow by clicking on it - than press Alt+F4 - voila - it disappear!)
by Lenx
17.10.2018 19:37:10
Forum: Support
Topic: Hotkeys and RDP
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Hotkeys and RDP

Yeah - its also have hook keyboard on double CTRL ALT for fullscreen RDP ... but can u add "switch desktop" action for this double clicks too?

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