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by Humphreto
10.06.2020 12:43:02
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Future Updates
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Future Updates

Is there a chance that we are going to get New release... cause the current version is of 2014. it is obviously it is not optimized for windows 10 which was first released in 2015. Just to polish things to look beautiful in windows 10
by Humphreto
28.04.2020 16:59:19
Forum: General discussion
Topic: FullSceen Bakcground
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FullSceen Bakcground

Hello, I like Dexpot too much. I love it But there are some things that I can't find a way to configure them. (See the picture below) 1. How do I change that BLACK background to use the same wallpaper as the desktop wallpaper 2. How do I remove the win 10 setting windows(the gear Icons windows) that...
by Humphreto
25.04.2020 19:14:47
Forum: Support
Topic: Pinning windows to dex
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Pinning windows to dex

Can I use the app to listen to a Particular app and choose an empty Dexpot and pin that app to it and also the Dexpot not to be used by any windows or app

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