Virtualbox - 2 Monitors

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Virtualbox - 2 Monitors

Postby dietmar13 » 09.01.2017 14:41:07

I have a problem with VirtualBox (both Win 8.1, host and guest).
If I use the guest on the second Monitor (on one Desktop, regardless which) in fullscreen mode and switch to another Desktop and back again, the fullscreen mode does not work any more, i.e. the mouse integration is lost. I cannot do anything in the guest OS. To fix this, I have to end fullscreen mode and enter it again: <right-STRG + F> twice).

Is there a workaround or a plan to fix this problem?

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Re: Virtualbox - 2 Monitors

Postby Sebastian » 09.02.2017 18:08:08


you may provide a *.log file to see if Dexpot is actually causing the issue.
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Re: Virtualbox - 2 Monitors

Postby freakZoid » 12.07.2017 23:32:32


Re: Virtualbox - 2 Monitors

Postby Vodkaneat » 04.10.2019 11:40:38

I had this issue in Win 7 and it persists in Win 10. I use the Win 10 Task View as a second rate replacement for Dexpot but always check new versions in case this is fixed.

I have 3 monitors, it doesn't matter which I use, if VirtualBox is fullscreen, when I switch desktop and back again, it's frozen.

VirtualWin also works without issues. Maybe I'll use Dexpot again one day, I look forward to it :)

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