Arguments to Start-up commands

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Arguments to Start-up commands

Postby BeeryHolstein » 14.10.2006 22:35:23


How can I specify argument for a start-up comment for a desktop?

It seems like Dexopt 1.4 is confused from spaces (betweem program and arguments). Also wrapping in "-s doesn't help as Dexopt reject and switches to the default desktop


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Re: Arguments to Start-up commands

Postby Patrick » 16.10.2006 13:26:32

Nmorgen. :dex:

BeeryHolstein wrote:How can I specify argument for a start-up comment for a desktop?

Anything following the first space character is treated as a command line argument. If the path to the file you want to start contains spaces, you have to enclose it in quotation marks.

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cmd.exe /K dir
"C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Patrick\Desktop\dexexe\dexpot.exe" -e

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Re: Arguments to Start-up commands

Postby llinfeng » 21.06.2020 13:53:00

I had trouble feeding the following command to Dexpot for auto start-up and got it running through a standalone bat file. While fed to Dexpot at "face value", the last bit of the command is not fully passed to Vim and ends up creating an empty buffered with weird names
c:\Vim\vim82\gvim.exe +VimwikiMakeDiaryNote --cmd "let g:prosession_on_startup=0"

The solution to is create the following bat file, and pass the full address of such bat file into the "Command:" field on Dexpot's Configure Desktops/Start-up tab.

@echo off
start /B c:\Vim\vim82\gvim.exe +VimwikiMakeDiaryNote --cmd "let g:prosession_on_startup=0"

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