Window position- & size-tool that works with Dexpot?

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Window position- & size-tool that works with Dexpot?

Postby jwka » 23.03.2017 11:52:00

Hi all,

having a heavy set of programs running at the same time (as most Dexpot users??) it is a lot of work to re-start the computer, moving programs and re-position/-sizing them.

Therefor, I am in search for a tool to position and size program windows, found "cmdow" or "WinSizeMe".

Anyone here that has experience with such programs AND if they work with Dexpot (or can even Dexpot solve that issues?)

Thanks for any hints!

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Re: Window position- & size-tool that works with Dexpot?

Postby CerebralFreeze » 01.06.2017 00:36:26

I'm looking for the same exact thing. I was looking for something gthat would save the i window position and size as well as the icons within them. It would really be awesome. I was able to websurf and found programs to claim to do it but I haven't had time to test them because as you probably know, they take forever. Some are paid also.

Actual Multiple Monitors
IconRestorer - I purchased this. It works a little but slightly buggy with Dexpot.
DesktopOK – portable (warning: possible virus from softwareok)
ReIcon (no reviews but newest)

These below didn't look that good but might be able to do it.
WinNumpad Position
WinSplit Revolution
DesktopSaver – profiles, conflict with fences
Icon restore
Solway’s software

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