Store and Settings Keep Appearing

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Store and Settings Keep Appearing

Postby RIchard_in_Cali » 28.06.2017 01:49:05

I'm running Windows 10 with Dexpot creating 9 virtual desktops. Everything was running fine until Windows 10 auto-updated to the Creators Edition. Now, about 50 times a day, Store and Settings icons keep appearing on whatever desktop I'm using, and then I change to another desktop, those two icons duplicate there too. I have tried creating rules to close these apps when they auto-open, but the rules have no effect. The only way to clear these apps from the desktop display is to manually open Store and then close it, and then manually open Settings, and close it. It's getting very annoying having to do it over and over all day long. Any suggestions on how to stop this from happening would be appreciated.


Re: Store and Settings Keep Appearing

Postby esysfound » 12.07.2017 12:11:47

Same problem with new computer running Win10 Pro.

There is a simple fix changing a line in the wechsel.ini file involving an IGNORE but I forget what it is, and where it goes.

Have written Dexpot directly about this - you might do the same.

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Re: Store and Settings Keep Appearing

Postby Sebastian » 12.07.2017 22:29:09


this might help (viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6078#p36816) or you need to disable SuperFetch.
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