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Desktop Manager - Disable, or Un-check, "Always on top"?

Posted: 13.05.2018 16:32:01
by mb1280
Is "Always on top" in the "Settings" somewhere?

I see this setting (confusing labeling, to me):

Settings / Switching Desktops / Taskbar / [un-check] Keep all taskbar buttons visible (ok, now I realize that the Desktop Manager floating bar is not the "Taskbar," which is why this setting doesn't work)

Then I saw this "on" the floating bar, which I forgot that I set:

Desktop Manager (the floating bar) / right-click on it / "Always on top" has to be un-checked here (if you checked it there) - Also, it's hard to tell precisely where to right-click to get to these settings, it takes me several attempts to get them.