Desktop icons appear only on first desktop

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Desktop icons appear only on first desktop

Postby schlotz » 19.06.2018 20:50:18

At some point my desktop icons (other than Computer and Recycle bin) vanished from on all desktops except the first. Previously, they always appeared on all desktops. I don't recall making any changes or updates when this started, but obviously something changed. In "Configure Desktops" Tools tab I have not checked the box to hide desktop components in All desktops (or in any individual desktop). I did try rebooting - no change. In Settings:Switching Desktops:Desktop Elements, I had Customize checked in Desktop Icons. Under Advanced, I had separate folders and Use original for desktop checked. I tried switching to Use shared folder and now my icons are gone on ALL desktops. Great. I don't know what else to check or try. I'm running Dexpot 1.6.14 (build 2439) on Windows 10 (1709).

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