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Win 10 - Files have completely vanished

Posted: 21.02.2019 21:44:51
by Artdigy
I am absolutely furious. I installed this program but then had to uninstall so I could relocate my desktop folder so it had the proper names. That was fine. I installed it again and went into my hard drive so I could easily transport files from my main desktop into the separate respected desktops. Can your program not handle subfolders??? Several VERY VERY important files have gone missing and I cannot find it anywhere. Please help

Re: Win 10 - Files have completely vanished

Posted: 23.02.2019 14:37:57
by Sebastian

please see second bullet point (viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1839) - Dexpot will switch between additional folders mentioned there.
Subfolders of what?