Black background on Desktop 3 and 4

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Black background on Desktop 3 and 4

Postby WimN1 » 27.11.2019 12:17:26

My Windows10Pro (Version:10.0.18362 Build 18362) PC has 2 monitors (1920x1200 each) and I have configured 4 desktops. For each desktop I've selected different fixed desktop colors. For desktop 1 and 2 this works without any problem, but desktop 3 and 4 appear with a black background. Tried different colors but did not work. In the 'Configurations Desktop' > 'Background' form I've made these selections for all 4 desktops: Multi-monitor background mode is set to 'Windows default', Path is empty, Alignment is set to 'Stretch' and 'Desktop color' is set to a predefined color (different for each desktop).
Any idea how to get the selected color on desktop 3 and 4?

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Re: Black background on Desktop 3 and 4

Postby MiG_Foxbat » 26.12.2019 18:12:38

Could it be that the computer you're running Dexpot on doesn't have enough RAM to handle all of the desktops at once? When you're saying you have 4 desktops and 2 monitors, how are they organised? 4 desktops duplicated on each monitor, 2 per monitor, 4 on one monitor and something else on the second?

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Re: Black background on Desktop 3 and 4

Postby WimN » 27.12.2019 09:49:42

The computer has 64GB of RAM so that should be enough. The desktop is 3840x1200 (which is 2 monitors of 1920x1200) and the 4 desktops are also 3840x1200. The strange thing is that it worked on my old W7 system with 'only' 32GB of RAM.

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