windows without dexpot menu

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windows without dexpot menu

Postby romek » 28.12.2019 19:12:27

I play a game "Runes of Magic". When starting multiple instances of the game, I use dexpot to move them to different desktops etc.

Problem: after a recent change in the way the game has to be started, right-clicking on the title bar of the game window does not include the dexpot menu anymore (see 1st screenshot
). You can still access the window from list of windows on a current desktop (dexpot => desktop windows => select a desktop, see 2nd screenshot
) and there move it to e.g. a different Dexpot desktop. Still, it is pretty annoying to have to do this, esp. that with multiple games running it is hard to recognize which window is which. The same happens on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Are there any rules about types/flags of windows for which you add dexpot's menu to the right-click title-bar menu and for which you do not? Is it possible to set this flag for an already running program/open window? Or: is it possible to set in dexpot to show the title-bar menu also for other types of windows?

PS: The game is free, if you wanted you could easily reproduce this behavior.

PS2: Recently they changed the way the game starts: instead of starting it directly one has to start a launcher and from it the game is started. I am pretty sure that nothing has been changed in the game .exe file itself (already for a long time the publisher (Gameforge) had tried hard not to request any changes from the producer (Runewalker) if they did not really, really, need it). So my guess is that there have to be some generic window flags in Windows that can be set during starting an application, and somehow change the window "type".

Before the change dexpot's menu was available both from right clicking on the title bar and right clicking on the current-desktop window list.

but dexpot can see these windows and manipuate them!
sshot2-list_of_desktop_windows_include_these_windows.png (54.23 KiB) Viewed 4168 times
title bar: no dexpot menu
sshot1-title_bar-no_dexpot_menu.png (153.18 KiB) Viewed 4168 times

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