taskbar live thumbnail previews problem in win 10

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taskbar live thumbnail previews problem in win 10

Postby dexfang » 09.01.2020 08:24:30

hi there,

i am running Dexpot in win 10 64bit. i found that taskbar live preview or also known as "peak" function not working.

for example, if I send a media player(like potplayer) to desktop 2 and play a video. the live thumbnail preview in the taskbar will not update anymore. the thumbnail stuck at the moment where i send it to desktop 2.
the video is still playing like normal, but i just can't use the taskbar peak to tell how it goes and when should i change to desktop 2 to see it.
if i keep the player in desktop 1, the live thumbnail will update normally again.

is there any way to fix it?
i know Dexpot is not completely compatible with win 10 and probably never update again, but I just want to try if someone know the solution.

thank you.

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