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Application hogging all desktops. Application priorities?

Posted: 11.07.2020 05:52:34
by Jacob01
Hello! :D,

I have just recently become aware of Dexpot and feel that it would the perfect program for my use case, but am having one issue.

I am using Dexpot to switch desktops on my second screen, which will be used during a public meeting. I have one program on my first desktop that has built in support to display media on a second screen, but I would like to switch to a different application when I switch to a different desktop.

When I start playing media on the program on my first desktop, and then switch desktops, the program continues to display. This is the same for all desktops I try to switch too, and I cannot find a way to solve this.

If I can set priorities for each of my programs on each of my desktops, I believe this could solve my issue. Is there any way I could set priorities for my applications?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Application hogging all desktops. Application priorities?

Posted: 17.07.2020 16:28:04
by iansdell
Try tweaking Settings > Switching Desktops > Monitors