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random alt-tabing issue

Posted: 30.10.2020 05:16:57
by theramsta
So I only use 2 monitors desktops... and this problem just started randomly, I don't think I changed anything.

If I have one chrome tab open on Desktop 1 and one chrome tab open on Desktop 2....

when I switch from desktop to desktop the tab gets all messed up (video shows up black) but then i press alt + tab and it fixs it.

Any idea what might've got messed up? I liked having both desktops have their respective chrome being "on top" or "in focus" :?:

Re: random alt-tabing issue

Posted: 04.11.2020 21:47:42
by theramsta
damn no one gunna help lol? =(

Re: random alt-tabing issue

Posted: 07.11.2020 16:09:17
by SlayerSparty

I have the same kind of problem, i'm using 4 desktops, and from time to time when I switch, everythings frozen on the destination desktop, and I also have to alt tab or reswitch to different dekstop to have refresh of the windows ...

I think the issue is quite recent also...

I'm on windows 10 btw, running dexpot as administrator...

Any help / suggestions appreciated