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Slideshow desktop background

Postby Yukon » 16.05.2021 07:55:33

First of all, have to say thanks a lot to the Dexpot team: that is an amazing software! You are the best! :)
Actually the only thing I would like to see in next Dexpot versions is Slideshow. At the moment we can use either Windows slideshow or a static picture with Dexpot. That would be amazing to see, for example, slideshow for the first desktop and a static picture for second & third.
To be honest, I have found a topic with the same feature request. It was posted ten years ago and looks like it was even added to the bug tracker ten years ago but nothing else happened.
I saw some comments from 2014 and 2016 but decided to open new topic.
I would like to ask, is it difficult to implement or just has a very low priority? Or perhaps you just forgot that feature? :D
With or without that feature Dexpot has a great funcionality but just interesting will it be implemented or not, that is why I am asking :)

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