Partial icon name match problem

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Partial icon name match problem

Postby Attila » 30.06.2011 00:38:31

I have two icons on desktop 1: FSX and FSX.CFG

If I switch to another desktop and then back to desktop 1, the FSX icon is gone and the FSX.CFG icon appears where the FSX icon should be.

It appears to me that when a lookup is done to position the FSX.CFG icon, the data for the FSX icon is wrongly matched and used. "FSX" should not match "FSX.CFG".

If I rename FSX to FSX.EXE then all works as expected, however this is a major pain and should be easy to fix. I would appreciate a fix very much, because I have a habit of putting a game icon and the game manual icon side-by-side and this bug prevents me from naming the icons in a simple and consistent way.

Thanks for the great software and quick fixes.

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Re: Partial icon name match problem

Postby Patrick » 30.06.2011 20:44:13


There's already a workaround for this problem in 1.6 beta. I'll see if I can backport it to 1.5.

Or you could just become a beta tester... :wink:

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