Bug or Expected? Notepad++ doesn't move to new desktop

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Bug or Expected? Notepad++ doesn't move to new desktop

Postby traycerb » 15.05.2012 06:58:33

On Win7 x64 with Dexpot 1.5.99 Build 1858, when I have Notepad++
already open in one desktop, eg DeskA, and then, while in DeskB, I launch Notepad++ from the Start menu, Notepad++ briefly flashes and then disappears. I can only bring it to DeskB if I manually move it, eg via drag-drop in Desktop preview.

Is this the expected behavior? I thought that launching the executable of an already-opened program would Move the previously-opened window to the new desktop (assuming the program is limited to a single instance, as Notepad++ usually is, unless special flags are invoked), but perhaps this is not the what Dexpot is designed to do. For programs with multiple Windows or intances, e.g. Firefox, Word, etc ... this works fine and creates a new window in the new desktop.

I've thought about other ways to achieve this, but I'm not even sure what I could do with "Configure Desktop" or "Desktop Rules" to make this happen. Can anyone replicate this issue? If so, is there a general way to have a program's windows relocated to a new (current) desktop when the executable is run again?

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Re: Bug or Expected? Notepad++ doesn't move to new desktop

Postby Patrick » 20.05.2012 12:59:49


traycerb wrote:Is this the expected behavior?

Depends on the setting "Behavior of windows on other desktops" under Settings > Plugins and Extras.

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