Windows media player bug

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Windows media player bug

Postby thx1138 » 16.09.2013 12:55:54

Hi , WMP shows a strange bug on my machine when in Now playing mode . If I go to another desktop and click on the WMP in the taskbar to go back on the desktop where it is assigned , it shows the Now playing window but without the media buttons . Sometimes it even displays the buttons in the Window catalog as new separate window :!: :?:

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Re: Windows media player bug

Postby elizabeth005 » 09.01.2019 05:02:51

Recently windows media player have a lot of bugs including that after you close the app, it continues to play on the background and you have to close it manually from the task manager. I recommend you dearly to install Mx player. it is more stable, takes fewer resources and have and works like a charm. Another issue is that windows media player can give an error on some video file ext. and not play the file while mx player will open them and play them perfectly.

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