Lync chats, and Outlook Notifications, must appear globally

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Lync chats, and Outlook Notifications, must appear globally

Postby stolsvik » 09.10.2013 09:49:17

I want Outlook and Lync to be bound to a specific Desktop - but at the same time I want notifications and new chat windows to appear on all Desktops.

This because I am currently evidently missing the majority of meeting notifications (from Outlook) and that people are trying to chat me.

The "solution" of binding Outlook and Lync to all Desktops are a non-solution, as the "context switching" aspect of the concept of multiple desktops just crashes for me then - with those annoying apps - filling an entire Desktop - not switching away!!

A solution of having the apps on each desktop, but minimized on all but the one where I actually want it could possibly work. But the minimize/restore/maximize status is apparently global.

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Re: Lync chats, and Outlook Notifications, must appear globa

Postby nondexter » 07.04.2014 14:59:44

In Lync 2010 the icon in the Notification Bar changes to display incoming messages no matter on which desktop you are in, e.g. if I have the Lync conversation window open on one desktop and am working in another one, the icon flashes its changed status and I get notified about any incoming message.

I don't know about conversations in Outlook though.

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