Various problems

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Various problems

Postby BTAxis » 21.02.2014 00:27:08

Hello. I recently tried Dexpot, to compare it against Virtuawin, and I came across some things I'd like to report. The version I used was 1.6.11 Build 2394. My OS is Windows 8.0 Pro, though my explorer shell is that of Windows 7.

1) Desktop configuration: I wanted to assign a sound for switching desktops, so I figured I'd configure an entry sound for "all desktops". Upon browsing for the sound file, Dexpot spawned some kind of error dialog, but before its contents could be displayed my entire Windows environment locked up. My cursor still worked, but no windows would respond, nor did my running programs respond to keyboard hotkeys (I have some global ones for foobar2000). The system itself was still running, since my music continued to play, but I could not interact with it, with the sole exception of ctrl+alt+delete. In the end I was forced to sign out to get control back. This happened again on my second attempt, so it's not just a fluke occurrence.
I was able to configure the sound for each desktop separately without problems.

2) Window Z order retention: I noticed that although Dexpot saves window focus between desktop switches, it does not properly remember the Z order for windows that don't have focus. Specifically, I keep multiple applications on my second monitor, among which my browser and the Windows task manager. The browser exists only on desktop 1, the task manager exists on all desktops. If neither window has focus and I switch to another desktop, then select the task manager window, then switch back to desktop 1, the task manager will be on top of the browser. This is undesirable.

3) Control focus issues with ACDSee: My image viewer of choice is ACDSee 3.1. This is a program from 2000, back when ACDSee was still good. I have it associated with the usual image formats. For some reason, when I open an image ACDSee will open and its window will appear to have focus, but it doesn't actually receive keyboard input. When looking at the Windows taskbar, the icon for my file manager will still be highlighted, though its window doesn't have focus and it doesn't receive input either. This behavior doesn't occur if Dexpot isn't running.
This only seems to occur when I open an image via the default program association system. If I explicitly use "open with", everything works as expected. Also, when the problem does occur I am unable to open the context menu for the ACDSee by right-clicking the title bar.

4) Dexpot hides windows without warning: On several occasions I've browsed to a desktop only to find one of my windows was missing. After some searching, I found them in the Desktop Windows dialog, in the "hidden" section. These windows never come back, not even when I exit Dexpot. The only way to get them back is via the Desktop Windows interface.
I believe this behavior is related to Foobar2000, which has an option to minimize to a tray icon AND an option to hide said tray icon. I show-hide it with a global hotkey. I believe somehow Dexpot is hiding other windows to nonexistent tray icons, because this behavior happens frequently when I mess around with show-hiding Foobar and also switching desktops. I should mention that I have no controls configured in Dexpot for hiding programs to the systray.

I hope you can help me with especially those last three things. They are sufficiently irritating that I don't want to use Dexpot, which is a shame because I really quite like it otherwise.

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