Saving profiles on Dexpot Portable

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Saving profiles on Dexpot Portable

Postby Krunce » 08.06.2014 21:31:45

I've installed Dexpot portable on my laptop so that I can migrate it and my profile to my desktop when I return home from my research travels. But I've been unable to save my profile. I've tried selecting the "Save profile on exit" option and then restarting my computer and Dexpot to see if the profile boots. I "save as"ed my profile before doing this. When my computer booted and Dexpot loaded, I was back to the default program, and did not have the option under "Settings" to load the profile I had saved.

I might also be overestimating how much saving a profile will do for me. I was testing this out because I was hoping that saving a profile would allow me to still shut down my computer without losing the way in which I had arranged each desktop, since I'm loathe to leave my computer in hibernate all the time since Windows likes to booted every once in a while to effect updates.

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