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Suspended Processes Cause Crashes and/or Lags

Posted: 15.12.2014 09:07:18
by harshil102
I recently started using dexpot and I love it! I've used Linux and OSX and always missed the virtual desktops.

The only issue I'm having is that I often suspend minimized games because they use lots of CPU (35-45%) causing unnecessary noise and heat from my computer. With dexpot, using the Full Screen Preview with a suspended process either causes an explorer crash where the process remains but becomes unresponsive or causes a large (5+ second) lag. This occurs only when attempting to use the Full Screen Preview feature with a process suspended.

For me, this issue is not essential. I'd love if it could be solved, but I can live with closing my games and waiting a couple extra minutes before playing. However, I imagine this also causes issues for those who have a more serious need to regularly suspend processes. The issue may also be occurring with processes that are not responding due to high load although I haven't experienced or tested that.

Thanks for the help!

Edit: I found that the lag issue occurs even if the game is minimized but not suspended. The issue may be with full screen apps and full screen preview.