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Corrupted Word 2010 files

Posted: 18.12.2014 09:25:01
by CWBillow
I am not at all sure that Dexpot had anything to do with this, but...

I have a desk set up just for Word. On this I have several files I opened / re-opened / or left open.

Two days ago, suddenly I couldn't open Word files by double-clicking them, but only by right-clicking and selecting "Edit." Starting Word alone and then doing a "File / Open" didn't work either.

I ran an Office repair, but that did noting. If though, I open the file via "Edit" and make *any* change and then resave it, it would open.

Has this happened at all before, and is there a way to prevent it? I had thought I had lost several documents totally until I figured out how to open them.

Chuck Billow