Dexpot randonly switches desktops

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Dexpot randonly switches desktops

Postby stjones » 22.12.2014 16:49:28

I have used Dexpot for about 6 months. I was using it on a Win XP machine with no problem. I recently installed it on a Win 7 machine (as I moved to a new PC) and re-installed Dexpot and configured exactly as I had done on the XP machine. But on this PC Dexpot randomly jumps to other desktops. It most often happen when I click the mouse on a document - but not always. I've checked to make sure no mouse controls are on and I've tried setting the Settings > Plugin & Extras > Behavior of windows to Switch to other desktop and Do nothing - but the random switching keeps happening. The program is not useable as it is now.

Don Zouras

Re: Dexpot randonly switches desktops

Postby Don Zouras » 11.05.2017 16:36:06

I have been successfully using Dexpot on Windows 7 for a couple of years on an employer owned PC. Recently I think they pushed some kind of update and now Dexpot constantly switches to Desktop 1. I have nine desktops defined, but even with windows open on other desktops it will only stay on them for a second before it switches back to 1. I use the desktop manager to switch by clicking on the desktop I wish to see. Unfortunately, forced switches to desktop 1 make Dexpot unusable. I have grown so dependent on this utility that I don't know how I am going to be able to work without it.

Don Zouras

Re: Dexpot randonly switches desktops

Postby Don Zouras » 11.05.2017 21:06:33

While looking through the FAQ I found this suggestion:
Open 'Settings > Switching Desktops'. Disable 'Keep all taskbar buttons visible' for a moment and see if the issue still occurs.

The issue of my desktop constantly bouncing back to number 1 stopped, but that leaves the obvious issue of now it doesn't keep all taskbar buttons visible. This option worked for years without issue and I prefer being able to see the buttons on all desktops because I them to switch.

Does this really need to be an either/or situation?

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Re: Dexpot randonly switches desktops

Postby Sebastian » 12.05.2017 11:59:45


as per FAQ, you may provide a *.log file covering the issue.
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Re: Dexpot randonly switches desktops

Postby Hardi » 03.06.2017 23:58:50

Long time user of Dexpot, but the same problem has recently started with my Windows 7 install.

I've tried all the tips in this and other threads, changed all the options, including running Dexpot as administrator.

The problem seems to only present itself with Firefox windows. Every Firefox window is present on both the desktop to which its been assigned, and Desktop 1. Running the most recent updat to Dexpot (in Admin mode) and Firefox 53.0.3 (64 bit).

Are there any suggestions?


Re: Dexpot randonly switches desktops

Postby Hardi » 06.06.2017 05:00:35

One further complication.

The bug (above) only occurs after the system resumes from screen saver.

When resuming by moving the mouse or touching the keyboard, the Firefox windows will then be present on both the desktop they were placed and desktop # 1. Duplicates.

This same screen saver has been running for years without change, so it seems unlikely it's that. Display Fusion is also running, and running the screen saver, but that had also run perfectly for years.

Any suggestions?

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