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Hide window in "Window Catalogue"

Posted: 03.01.2015 19:59:27
by Maliex
I use "Open Hardware Monitor" which displays a little GUI element informing me about current hardware values, e.g. CPU core temperature.
Desktop.png (716.83 KiB) Viewed 1372 times

When I use "Window Catalogue" (all desktops or single desktop makes no difference) this little gadget appears on all desktops.
Window Catalogue.png
Window Catalogue.png (232.57 KiB) Viewed 1372 times

I could even drag and drop it from one desktop to another (after closing the Window Catalogue this gadged is immediately re-drawn).

How can I hide specific windows from the Window Catalogue? I am aware of the "Invisible Windows in Windows Catalogue" thread but this gadget has a size of around 125x86 pixels so changing the registry value "DexposeMinSize" is no solution (I even tried it but changing the value had no effect on the gadget, or do I have to restart my computer after changing a registry value? Restarting dexpot had no effect.).

Thank you for this awesome software!

Re: Hide window in "Window Catalogue"

Posted: 18.01.2015 14:53:43
by Patrick

Did you try the "mywechsel.ini" ignore idea from the first answer in the thread you linked to? This should remove the application from Window Catalog.

[FAQ] What is the mywechsel.ini file capable of?