Post any technical problems or questions you have while using or configuring Dexpot.
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Postby Stamimail » 04.02.2015 01:21:41

Hi, I'm new to Dexpot.

I'm trying to solve 3 problems:

1. My desktop is full of icons. I need more place for desktop icons.
2. Sometimes there is a lot of opened windows, and it is difficult to find fast the window you need, or you feel the screen isn't enough big to see all you want at once.
3. Sometimes the way how the windows are placed on desktop is OK, but the taskbar is full of buttons, and it's difficult to find the button you need.

Since each problem needs to be solved in its time, without affecting the other components of the desktop, I wanted to use your vast experience: how should configure Dexpot?

Thank You.

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