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Gotomeeting windows not shown in Preview window

Posted: 24.03.2015 16:32:17
by dkarr
I've started to use GotoMeeting, and I noticed that Dexpot does not show GotoMeeting windows in the Preview window. I find it listed in all the other renderings, just not the Preview window, so it makes it difficult to move it to another desktop.


Actually, there's another symptom I was just reminded of.

When GotoMeeting switches from someone presenting to another state, it sometimes "refreshes" the window. If I happen to be in another desktop when that happens, another copy of the main GotoMeeting window appears in that desktop, but I can't select it (just beeps when I click on it). If I move back to the original desktop I had the GotoMeeting window in, then I can select it.