Dexpot Causing Major Issues With Keyboard Hooking

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Dexpot Causing Major Issues With Keyboard Hooking

Postby HeyItsJono » 14.06.2015 13:10:55

Hi there,
I love using Dexpot but on Windows 8.1 I've noticed it's producing major issues in terms of interfering with keyboard shortcuts. 2 major examples come to mind in my experience.
First, I have Dexpot set up so the Window Catalog command is Windows Key + F2. I then use AutoHotKey to remap Middle-Click to send Win+F2. This works fine the first time, AHK suppresses the middle click and sends Win+F2 and Dexpot picks up Win+F2 and displays the Window Catalog. However, Dexpot handles the Win+F2 shortcut in such a way that it causes my computer to think that the Windows Key is still being held down, even though it isn't. This is really frustrating as the only way to fix it is to double tap the Windows Key to reset its state. For some reason Dexpot is suppressing the Windows Key Up command which is making my computer think WinKey is still held down. This problem does not occur when Dexpot is closed, it only happens when Dexpot is running.
Secondly, Dexpot suppresses Ctrl+Shift+3/4/5 in the Hyperdesktop application for some unknown reason. I don't have these set as Dexpot shortcuts so it shouldn't be catching them but when I try to set these as hotkeys in Hyperdesktop, Hyperdesktop is unable to interpret them. This only occurs while Dexpot is running, as soon as I close Dexpot the issue goes away.

Any help in resolving either of these issues would be greatly appreciated. I love Dexpot but it's starting to really impact the way I use my computer. Thank you!

EDIT: After further testing, it appears that after the Window Catalog is activated, Dexpot begins blocking all keypresses from other programs. This means AHK cannot tell the computer that the Windows Key is no longer being held down, causing the computer to think the modifier is permanently on. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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