Adding a 3rd monitor, Combine same-sized and span background

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Adding a 3rd monitor, Combine same-sized and span background

Postby baublitz » 29.07.2015 23:05:58

Hey all, great software and I just got helped approve a volume purchase for our company!

I had two monitors and everything was working great, but just recently added a third monitor. Now two features are not acting desirably:

The "Span background across all monitors" is working I suppose, but I set Dexpot to only affect my two 1080p monitors and NOT the new 1024p monitor I just added. Now my background imgs stretch over all 3 monitors. Is there a way to keep it on just the two same sized monitors? I thought it would work this way since I told Dexpot desktop switching not to affect the third, smaller monitor.

Also, "Combine same sized monitors" on the Desktop Full Screen preview used to combine the two 1080p monitors. Now I added the third and Dexpot is confused, now the two 1080p monitors are NOT combined in this large preview.

Anyone else had similar issues? Do my issues make sense?

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