Question about Dexpot program

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Question about Dexpot program

Postby stevobe » 17.08.2015 11:37:21


I using long time windows 8.1 and when i have alot of programs + windows open then sometimes mine pc is getting laggy a bit. if i press full preview of all mine desktops in this case 9 in totall... then sometimes it takes a while or i can see some delay while opening the preview..

In the option menu i can see ** Proces Priority ** i put it on REALTIME is that bad or ? how i can solve this issue... i think mine hardware of mine pc is good....

i have 16gigs ram i7-3770k cpu and using ssd drive so and a amd radeon 7900 series graphics card .

I am using windows 10 now.

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Re: Question about Dexpot program

Postby Sebastian » 11.11.2015 09:59:57


you won't see considerable performance improvements when setting the option to realtime. With many open windows, 'Full-screen preview' might indeed take some time to load.
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