Skin or theme for each desk

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Skin or theme for each desk

Postby Al@@ » 13.10.2015 23:10:36

Hello , I'm new on this forum (and french, I'll do muy best) .

I need some help for first use of Dexpot, with Win10 .

Could any body indicate me how to fix a specific skin for each desk, including "windows theme" : I managed to associate a different image for different desk, but no way to keep a window theme on one desk , whenever I change of desk, the theme is lost and replaced by one of the picture from other theme !

Thank's in advance .

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Re: Skin or theme for each desk

Postby Sebastian » 11.11.2015 09:35:17


this is unsupported. However, there's a theme changer for Windows 7 (viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2714&start=20) you can use in 'Configure desktops > Start-up'. Might work on Windows 10.
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Re: Skin or theme for each desk

Postby traycerb » 12.07.2016 16:14:05

Haven't tried it out extensively, but just to confirm, it does work on win10. Download either the 32 or 64 bit version and type the following command in Configure Desktops -> Start-up -> Command. Command takes Windows .theme files.

D:\Temp>changetheme.exe C:\Users\yourUsername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\MyTheme.theme

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