Which command line options are available?

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Which command line options are available?

Postby Gobo » 26.10.2008 19:35:46


Dexpot can be launched with a number of command line options. Helpful and convenient, most of them can be found in the Start menu after installation.

Prior to version 1.6.14, the following parameters required that Dexpot was already running.

-w 1
-w 2
Switches to the desktop with the given number.

Switches to the next desktop.

Switches to the previous desktop.

Switches to the last desktop.

Adds another desktop.

Removes a desktop.

Opens the Settings.

Opens Desktop Windows.

Opens Application Assignment.

Opens the Desktop Manager.

Opens Configure Desktops.

Opens Desktop Preview.

Opens Full-screen preview.

Opens Window catalog.

Opens About.

Opens Desktop Rules

Exits Dexpot with confirmation.

Exits Dexpot.

Apply rules.

The following command line options are intended for debugging.

Restore Dexpot's default settings.

Creates a dexpot.log with runtime debugging information in the user folder.

Deactivates Full-screen preview.

Deactivates the taskbar reordering.

Deactivates the window assignment.

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