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Dexcube FAQ

Postby Sebastian » 09.11.2009 20:46:31


Notice: Dexcube requires DirectX 9, which is usually pre-installed on your system.


In 'Settings > Plugins and Extras', please enable the plugin by clicking on the 'Dexcube' checkbox. You can view and change its settings via the 'Configure' button.

Dexcube Manual Control:

If Dexcube has been enabled, hit hotkey Ctrl + Alt + Arrow up. Dexcube zooms out. Ctrl + Alt + Arrow left/-right turns the 3d cube.

If you experience an issue:

  • Open 'Settings > Plugins and Extras'. Click the 'Configure' button. Disable the checkbox 'Multithreading' in frame 'Performance'.
  • Check whether any overclocking tool (e.g. EVGAPrecision) is running. Close it, then try again.
Please contact our support if that does not help.

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