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Translate Dexpot

Postby Sebastian » 09.05.2010 21:20:35


Dexpot reads from file types .dxs. These are text files that can be edited in any text editor.

Please use one of the following language files as basis for your translation. You'll find them in subdir 'sprache' in the Dexpot main program folder:

  • deutsch.dxs
  • english.dxs
Language files are INI files divided into sections in [square brackets]. Assign values with an equal sign. The name on the left side, the value on the right side in quotes. Please change the value only and leave the name untouched.
The first section of the language files contains general info about the author.

The "&" symbol refers to the so called accelerator. It'll be displayed in the dialogue as underlined character, defining a hotkey with modificator ALT. Two & represent the ampersand symbol in text .

DXS editor († - please mind the software is no longer maintained)

Once you're finished, please send the language file to:

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