Are there any known issues?

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Are there any known issues?

Postby Sebastian » 09.05.2010 23:45:22


  • Taskbar button order in Windows 7/8/8.1 (and server versions) isn't always restored accurately
  • Some UI components don't support Unicode
  • Tray icon order may be wrong on Windows 7/8/8.1 (and server versions), and therefore must be arranged manually

Desktop Manager
  • Moving desktop icons to another desktop by drag & drop doesn't work when Dexpot is running as administrator (with UAC activated)

Customize desktop icons (Shared common folder for all desktops)
  • When changing an option in 'Arrange Icons by' from the Windows desktop's context menu, all icons appear on the current desktop. Wait some seconds. Dexpot will re-arrange the icons automatically.
  • Won't work if UAC is activated and Dexpot runs as administrator in a standard user account
  • In some situations, the icon alignment isn't saved when Dexpot is quit as consequence of a Windows shut down
  • The icon grid doesn't conform to Windows' own function in every resolution, OS language and icon size

Configure Desktops
  • Setting particular *.jpg files as wallpaper doesn't work in Windows 7
    Resave the *.jpg files with a different editor

  • Some flashing and flickering issues
    Please try the following: disable "Multithreading" via 'Settings > Plugins and Extras > Dexcube > Configure' and keep your video card drivers up to date.

  • When switching desktops after using the peek feature, the previous desktop's preview may not always be correct.

  • If UAC is enabled, the uninstaller asks for a '_Au.exe'. This file is not a virus, but part of the uninstaller itself.

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