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[REQUEST] Make the SevenDex button show the name of the current desktop

Posted: 05.05.2017 20:38:38
by tinkerer42
I just started using Dexpot and I love it, it solves my clutter when working on multiple projects.

I am currently using the SevenDex plugin and it's nice, but it would be more helpful if the button's text showed the name of the active desktop, rather than just "SevenDex". Currently, the only indication of which desktop is active is the little number in its icon. I found some other methods to "know where I am" (show desktop name permanently, and the "desktop manager" popup) but they all take up extra screen real-estate. I believe this request is relatively easy to implement.

(as an aside: what makes SevenDex specific to windows 7? does it not work for windows 8 or10? or is it redundant in some way for the later Windows versions?)