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ON/OFF for desktop(s)

Posted: 02.08.2019 17:19:36
by FFh

Everytime I start a new project (all year long, I manage some different activities in parrallel), I create a new desktop with the appropriated icons (eg. say it's a project called "Bob Service", the specific desktop will contain a shortcut to the right folder on disk, a shortcut to a text file called bob-admin.txt, all relevant icons to app and/or data for this specific activity), and when I suspend or close an activity I would like to be able to disable the concerned virtual desktop to keep a clean environnement (eg. that this desktop doesn't appear anymore in the global view where all desktops are previewed). Of course, I don't want to delete any desktop since all could be useful later (eg. if a projet/activity was just in stand-by or a new opportunity arrives about it).

Unless mistake, I didn't see this kind of feature in the Dexpot's options.
What do you think?