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Possibility to arrange desktop in a N x M grid, not linear

Posted: 10.10.2013 09:36:19
by stolsvik
I would prefer to have a grid of 2 x 3 desktops instead of a linear 6 desktops.

This is what I am used to from the Linux environments I have used, and it gives me a much higher degree of "geographic locality" realization in my head. The mail/comms setup is "up to the left", while the music setup is "down to the right". The "Internet research" is "down to the left", which also is just below the mail.

This goes together with the "non-cycling" feature I also requested - because then I can just arrow up, left left left, and be CERTAIN that I end up on the mail. And thereby I also get a "reference point" from where to navigate to the rest of the desktops.

Re: Possibility to arrange desktop in a N x M grid, not line

Posted: 10.10.2013 10:14:10
by stolsvik
From another question, which resolved both N x M grid, and not wrapping around: There is a build-in plugin called Dexgrid. Enable this. :D This have its own key bindings (so remove the existing ones, defining the new), and one can turn of the wrapping! :mrgreen: