Mindjet MindManager support (Application window disappears)

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Mindjet MindManager support (Application window disappears)

Postby Asph » 15.03.2014 13:56:46


Dexpot seems to be incompatible with Mindjet MindManager.

Upon desktop switch, MindManager window frequently disappears or shows up on desktops it's not supposed to appear (i.e., when it should stay on an inactive desktop). When clicked on this runaway window, Dexpot switches to the right desktop after several seconds of hanging.

And sometimes MindManager window cannot be found when switched back to a desktop it was previously on. Yet the program stays active in the background, and when it's called, it shows up in the state it was left & becomes restored to Dexpot interface (until the next desktop switch).

I have no 'desktop rules' assigned for Mind Manager

Please see the video attached for a demonstration.

Because I'm a daily user of Mind Manager, I'd appreciate a fix in the next version.

[ Play Quicktime file ] Dextop - Mindmanager bug.mp4 [ 5.27 MiB | Viewed 1999 times ]

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