Desktop names when switching off desktop 1

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Desktop names when switching off desktop 1

Postby instant-karma » 05.11.2014 04:10:14

Using the latest, greatest version of Dexpot on Windows, I have it configured to show Desktop names whenever I switch from one to another, and that works perfectly. I would really like to have another feature similar to this to show me only when I have switched off of desktop #1, my primary working desktop of the four I use normally. As it is now, I have two monitors, one attached to the laptop and another much larger one positioned a foot or so away in front of it, and the visual alert shows up on the larger one at the bottom. In addition, I would like to have a larger, more prominent one briefly showing up across the smaller monitor but only when it gets switched off of desktop #1.

The reason for this is that I have had instances when, for one reason or another not yet perfectly clear to me as to what caused it, my desktop has changed without my deliberately making it do so, and I was not even aware that it had done so except that some of the programs' windows I was using suddenly appeared to minimize and even vanish. What really happened was that the desktop switched, but I thought the programs just closed down for some reason. I did not notice the visual clue on the second monitor because my eyes were fixed on the smaller one directly in front of me. When this happened I also thought I had lost some of the items on the desktop #1, and I began a procedure to recover them until realizing what had happened.

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